Backing European Deep Tech Founders

If you’re a technical founder who's struggled to explain your tech and vision to investors, we set up a fund for you. We invest pre-revenue to help turn your science fiction into reality.

We care about your code, not your sales pipeline.

We like to work with founders as early as we can:

  • €300K - €1M initial investment
  • into technical teams with strong R&D backgrounds
  • building with ♥ in Europe

Meet The Team

Dr. Elad Verbin

Founding Partner
Computer Science Researcher, experience leading R&D in industry and academia. Public speaker and community moderator at PyData Berlin. Worked and published with top academics and Turing Award laureates.

Mick Halsband

Founding Partner
CTO and software architect. Two decades of key roles at startups and multinational leading tech firms. Led software developement for embedded devices, realtime systems, computer graphics, computer vision, and trading infrastructure, among others.

Luis Shemtov

Founding Partner
Ten years of startup experience in product management, operations, strategy, and business development. Led 10x growth post startup acquisition by a public company. 3x entrepreneur.

Alberto Cresto

Experienced startup investor. Led over 20 deep tech investments across multiple verticals in the US and the EU. Expertise in buy-side and sell-side M&A, new business development, and corporate venture advisory.

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Research Partner
Researcher exploring the future. Particular focus on data, crypto, and privacy. Previously Radicalxchange, Outlier Ventures, OECD, and WEF.

Morris Clay

Staff Engineer
Technologist with over 15 years of experience in big tech and emerging technology startups. Founded computer vision ventures, a technology ethics think tank and summit, and a blockchain company builder.

Sarah Cordivano

Diversity Advisor
Quantitative diversity expert with a background in data analytics. Helping both small and large companies prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in a sustainable and impactful way.

Al Esmail

Venture Partner
Serial entrepreneur and technologist with ten years in technology strategy in corporate and startups. Experience in cybersecurity, open-source and machine learning.

Our Investments


Moving cloud computing to the edge for ubiquitous computing


AI for superhuman vision in every application


Scaling data-driven decision making with data science collaboration


Decentralized financial ecosystem for funding new therapies


Shortcut the way to more accurate ML using synthetic vision


Making private computation for ML a reality with end-to-end encryption


Open source platform for a new generation of language-aware applications


Monitoring mission critical systems for ML degradation


Language for developing full-stack web apps with zero boilerplate code


Latency-resistant content delivery for mobile connections

Bringing ML to deployment with a high performance serverless cloud


Reimagining the web browser for the post browsing era